Eco-travel in W2 London

4 September 2023

Sustainable travel goes beyond simply exploring new destinations; it’s about making conscious choices to minimise our impact on the environment while maximising the positive contributions we can make. In today’s world, where climate change is an important issue, it’s crucial for individuals and industries alike to take responsibility for minimising their carbon footprint. Here at 4C Group, we are on this journey towards net zero, as we firmly believe in the power of sustainable travel. Our journey consists of taking necessary actions across our group as well as committing to working with the local communities to support and build a sustainable future in the areas where our properties operate.

With a number of our UK hotels located near London’s most iconic tourist attractions, our guests can enjoy an array of sustainable activities. Comfort Inn Edgware Road is nestled in the heart of W2 and strives to offer guests a memorable and environmentally conscious travel experience. The hotel is located at a fifteen-minute bus drive and a minute cycle ride from London’s most iconic attraction, Regent’s Park – Part nature reserve and part Royal Park. It is a green urban oasis managed by the Crown Estate buzzes with sustainable initiatives. Spot bees pollinate flowers from hives producing local honey. Wanderwalking and cycling paths connect one to nature. Visitors can take a guided eco-tour to explore the breathtaking landscapes, flora, and fauna of the local region. This allows us to immerse ourselves in nature and gain a deeper appreciation for the delicate ecosystems.

An aerial view of Regent’s Park London 

Primrose Hill is another popular tourist attraction in London. This place offers stunning views of the city and is a beautiful spot to go for picnics or hikes with family and friends.

The London Wetland Centre is one of the best places to learn about wetland ecosystems and the importance of conservation. The centre has several educational exhibits and activities, as well as a variety of wildlife to observe. 

Little Venice is a one-minute walk from Comfort Inn Edgware Road Hotel. This place offers canal boat tours. This is a fun and relaxing way to see London, and it’s also a great way to learn about the city’s history and waterways. Many other canal boat operators offer tours that focus on sustainability, such as the Tate Boat Tour, which takes visitors past the Tate Modern and other landmarks while discussing the history of the River Thames. 

Little Venice London

Local Markets – Church Street Market and Marylebone Farmers’ Market stock seasonal produce, artisanal cheeses, freshly baked breads (we recommend Bread Bread), and meats from regional suppliers. Supporting local farmers not only helps reduce your carbon footprint but also ensures a fresher and more sustainable dining experience. Shop local! 

Church Street Market Edgware Road.

Restaurants near Edgware Road and Marble Arch have some diverse flavours and culinary wonders. Visitors can indulge in a vibrant food scene brimming with vegan and vegetarian restaurants, showcasing the delicious beauty of plant-based dining. Koshary El Tahrir Paddington is an Egyptian vegan-friendly restaurant. Zonzo restaurant is just a few minutes down the road offering various vegetarian options. The Italian restaurant Bella Italia is located just a stone’s throw away from the bustling Paddington Station. They have vegetarian and vegan options on their menu. The area offers its visitors so many options to choose from.

Green Transportation: 

The local area around Comfort Inn Edgware Road Hotel is in a great spot for exploring London without using a car. The hotel is within easy reach of major attractions and has direct transport links to most of the city. However, there are also several sustainable transportation options available for guests who want to explore the area without adding to traffic congestion or pollution. 

Here are a few ideas for sustainable transportation options near Comfort Inn Edgware Road. 

Santander Cycles offers public bikes that can be rented for a small fee. This docking station is beneath the Marylebone flyover at mid-distance from the two Edgware Road tube stations.

Public Transportation: The hotel is well-served by public transportation, including the London Underground, buses, and National Rail services. 

Walking: The Central London Footways map offers attractive, low-pollution walking routes that pass through the area. 

Cycle parking along Edgware Road:

Electric Charging Points:

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