Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha (HIAB) – Sustainability Report 2017

6 August 2018

Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha (HIAB) is a premier 309 room hotel in Dubai, employing over 250 colleagues and a valuable standalone business entity of 4C Hotel Group.

Since the opening in 2008, sustainability for HIAB started with philanthropic and ad-hoc initiatives, slowly getting transformed into structured processes, which gradually got embedded in business strategies in the way business was performed responsibly.

Four years ago, HIAB made a strategic decision to report systematically on our sustainability drives – on the economic, environmental and social impact being made, creating greater transparency on critical sustainability issues relating to our activities.

Today, we proudly release our fourth Sustainability Report 2017 that communicates our endeavours and goals towards sustainable development fulfilling our commitment to United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).

We are proud to admit that it is only with growing commitment from our team members, our guests and other stakeholders that we are witnessing Sustainability to emerge as a driving force in every business operation. We are proud of not only our strategic approach and our holistic outlook, but also for the integration of Sustainability culture throughout HIAB.

This transformation has been empowering to lead; rewarding to watch as it has materialized, and every day we renew our commitment to making Sustainability the driver for a better future.

We are proud to announce, that this embodiment has taken shoot as HIAB has been declared winner in the Medium size Business Category of Arabia CSR Awards, not only in 2015 but 2016 as selected from 13 Arab countries by an international jury.

We are truly humbled and pledge that we will not let this flower of sustainability just wither. We will improve our responsible practices, so HIAB may leave a legacy for future generations.