4C Hotels ‘Brilliance Bash’ 2016

14 March 2016

The Great Gatsby themed fancy dress do was a welcome opportunity for staff to let their hair down following a successful year exceeding the expectations of customers.

Competition for the three award categories was fierce and Managing Director Al Karim Nathoo was delighted to announce the winners:

Tomasz Piotr Wozniakowskira: Winner – Unsung Hero

He takes his responsibilities seriously and always completes his tasks ahead of deadline. His cheerful nature and infectious smile create a positive environment, which helps his colleagues remain motivated.

Alkesh Patel: Winner – Rising Star

Punctual and committed to his role Alkesh is every part a team player. He is very eager to learn new things in the department and in just six months he has taken over four hotels, rental property accounts and other tasks over and above his normal role. Always eager to take more tasks, Alkesh is an inspiration to those who work around him.

Marta Botye and Tohira Baidulloeva: Joint Winners – Employee of the Year 

Marta Botye
Marta has demonstrated passion and excellence at all time with her work and team members; she inspires others to serve better with a positive attitude at all times. She has great management skills which help her department, and therefore the hotel, shine in what they do.

Tohira Baidulloeva
Tohira always brings positive energy at work, regardless of her personal situation. She is always ready to go extra mile for guests, colleagues and the company. She is always flexible and there when company needs and reflects our core values.

Tomasz Piotr Wozniakowskira

Marta Botye

Tohira Baidulloeva