Discover Your Future at the 4C Group Careers Fair 2024

19 February 2024

4C Group will be holding a Careers Fair on the 22nd of March 2024. The event is primarily for recruiters, hospitality schools, students, universities, and prospective employees. It will provide attendees with an opportunity to experience a full day of networking sessions, interactive workshops, and Q&A sessions, with seasoned hospitality professionals. The event is designed to empower career aspirations in the dynamic field of hospitality where attendees can delve into a myriad of job prospects within the 4C Group’s UK hotels.

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Event Highlights

  • Informative Sessions: Delve into insightful discussions and gain valuable insights into the hospitality sector.
  • Q&As: Have burning questions about specific job roles or career paths? Engage with industry experts during interactive Q&A sessions.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals, potential mentors, and recruiters from the 4C Group and expand your professional network.
  • Live Workshops: Participate in hands-on workshops to enhance your skills and knowledge about various aspects of the industry.

Exploring Job Roles

Uncover the diverse array of job roles available within the 4C Group’s UK hotels, ranging from front-of-house positions to back-end operations. Whether you aspire to be a concierge, event planner, chef, or marketing professional, this event will showcase the multitude of opportunities awaiting you.

Engagement with Experts

Engage in direct conversations with our seasoned professionals to gain firsthand insights into working at the 4C Group. Discover how you can join our dynamic team, enroll in specialized training programs, or explore partnership opportunities as a recruiter within our network.

Schedule of Events

Careers Fair and Networking – 9:30 -16:00 (Join us for a day of hospitality-focused opportunities and networking with chances to win prizes.)

Day in a Life Sessions – Q&A: 22nd March 10:00 – 16:00 (A chance to find out more about working in hospitality with short seminars on some of the roles offered within the group.)

A Deeper Dive: 22nd March 10:00 -16:00 (Masterclass Sessions on careers in HR, Finance, Revenue Management, Operations and more)

Day in a Life Sessions

These sessions will showcase a day in the life of a team member at the specified hotel/brand/multiple properties.

The Jobs Foundation (09:45 – 10:00)

Day in A Life at Westin Session 1 (10:00 – 10:30)

Day in a Life at Camden Lock Session 1 (10:30 – 11:00)

Day in a Life at St Albans/easyHotel/Comfort Inns (11:00 – 11:30)

Day in a Life of Canopy Session 1 (11:30 – 12:00)

HSF supporting your work-life balance (12:00-12:30)

Find out more about HSF benefits offered including mental health, legal advice, and discounts on everyday items

Training & Development at 4C Group ( 12:30 -13:00)

Find out more about the various courses offered, including further studies and CPD, apprenticeship schemes, graduate programs, and more.

Day in a Life at Camden session 2 (14:00 – 14:30)

Day in a Life at London Disability Network (14:30 – 15:00)

A deeper dive into life at London Disability Network, find out more about the charity and how you can volunteer.

Day in a Life of Canopy Session 2 (15:00 – 15:30)

Day in a Life at Westin Session 2 (15:30 – 16:00)

None – I’m interested in the stands

Career Sessions

The Importance of ESG in Hospitality Session 1 (10:00 – 10:30)

Why 4C Group Session 1 (10:30 – 11:00)

Working in Front of House (11:00 -11:30)

Careers in Sales & Marketing (11:30 – 12:00)

Careers in Finance (12:00 – 12:30)

The Importance of ESG in Hospitality Session 2 (12:30 – 13:00)

Careers In HR (14:00 – 14:30)

The Importance of Revenue Management (14:30 – 15:00)

Why 4C Group Session 2 (15:00 – 15:30)

F&B|Event Management (15:30 – 16:00)

Mark your calendars for a unique event designed to connect you with professionals in the field and open doors to a world of possibilities.

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Careers with 4C Group:

About 4C Group 

4C Group manages and develops properties and hotels in key business districts and leisure hot spots across the UK, Middle East, East Africa, and Canada. The company was formed in 2010, building on the foundations of a family property business that stretches back to the 1990s. The group’s mission is to operate sustainably and delight guests and investors, whilst striving to deliver a positive environmental and social impact within local communities.