Earth Day 2024 | The Drive for Sustainability

22 April 2024

22nd April marks Earth Day, an initiative that started in 1970 to mark a global commitment to conserving the natural world. This year’s theme, Planet vs. Plastics, focuses on combating plastic pollution to protect the environment and wildlife from its harmful effects. In the UK alone, over 5 million tonnes of plastic are consumed each year, but under half of this is recycled, highlighting the urgent need for increased recycling efforts. 

Our sustainability commitment across 4C Group aligns well with this year’s Earth Day theme. We have launched several green initiatives across the group to promote environmental awareness and reduce our plastic usage. Each activity is designed to engage our guests and team members in sustainable practices that champion a greener path. 

1. Tree Competition by Recycling Metrics – We are encouraging team members to recycle in our back-of-house area.

With this initiative, the teams were challenged to see how many trees they could save every month. Each hotel designed its own tree metrics and tracked their impact monthly. The teams with the highest monthly increase received a prize, this fostered healthy competition across the group.  

2. Boosting Recycling Rates – We are encouraging recycling rates across our hotels.

We are enhancing our recycling programmes to improve waste management. Each hotel now features marked recycling bins and educational materials to help guests and team members increase their recycling rates, minimising landfill waste. 

3. Marketplace for Reuse – We are championing upcycling across our group.

Our new Marketplace initiative encourages the reuse of items among team members. This platform allows for the exchange of items that are no longer needed operationally, promoting a culture of reuse and reducing the demand for new products. We have already given 56 items away and saved 5,414.80 kg CO2e by avoiding the skip. 

4. Lost and Found Charity Drive – We are encouraging upcycling and fundraising.

Items left by guests and unclaimed for more than 90 days are now donated to local charities. This effort not only helps those in need but also ensures that these items are put to good use rather than discarded. 

5. Spreading Awareness – Fun quiz with our guests on check-in

At check-in, guests are invited to participate in a fun quiz with questions related to recycling and the environmental impact of plastics. Correct answers win a prize, boosting engagement and spreading awareness from the moment guests arrive. 

6. Calling for Innovative Ideas for Improvement – Green Suggestion Form

We invite guests and team members to share their innovative ideas on how we can further improve our sustainability practices through a Green Suggestion Form found in each hotel. 

7. Central Office Herb Garden 

At our Central Office, we have started a herb garden where we grow various herbs used for our team lunches. This initiative teaches our team how to take care of plants and underscores the importance of fresh, locally sourced ingredients in our daily diets. 

These initiatives reflect our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship. We believe that through collective efforts and shared responsibility, we can make a significant impact on our planet’s health.

For more details on our sustainability efforts please view our impact report.

About 4C Group 
4C Group manages and develops properties and hotels in key business districts and leisure hot spots across the UK, Middle East, East Africa, and Canada. The company was formed in 2010, building on the foundations of a family property business that stretches back to the 1990s. The group’s mission is to operate sustainably and delight guests and investors, whilst striving to deliver a positive environmental and social impact within local communities.