Reimagining for a Sustainable Future: A Workshop on Sustainability with the London Disability Network (LDN)

10 November 2023

At 4C Group, we believe that the collective efforts of individuals and communities are key to achieving a sustainable future. Our partnership with London Disability Network (LDN) goes back to 2019 when we launched our first Christmas Shoebox Appeal for children with and without special educational needs and disabilities aged 2 – 14 years. Details of our 2023 Shoebox Appeal can be found here.

The London Disability Network (formerly the Westminster Society) is an award-winning charity that recently celebrated 60 years of providing services for people with various learning disabilities and their families. The charity resonates with 4C Group’s core values, Community, Integrity, Collaboration, and Quality.

Our recent gathering at LDN’s Community Hub took on a new purpose as our team had an opportunity to host an introductory workshop on sustainability. This workshop aimed to raise awareness and provide practical knowledge on how each of us can contribute to building a more sustainable future. The collaboration offers a platform to reach and support a broader audience in helping us all on the road to a greener tomorrow.

Essential Steps Towards a Sustainable Future 

The workshop delved into tangible methods to reduce waste and conserve resources: 

Reducing Waste: Ensuring our waste is separated responsibly, upcycling materials where we can, and understanding what we can and can not recycle. 

Conserving Energy: Simple practices such as adjusting thermostats, wearing a sweater instead of cranking up the heat, or even washing clothes in cold water (which can save up to 60% of the energy compared to hot water cycles (WWF) can make significant differences. 

Water Conservation: Taking shorter showers and turning off the tap while brushing our teeth, are vital to preserving our most essential resource. 

Sustainable Transportation: Embracing public transport, biking, or walking not only cuts down on emissions but also promotes a healthier lifestyle. 

Sustainable Eating and Shopping Habits: Eating in season fruits and veg, cooking smaller portions, and choosing a variety of fruits and vegetables all help to boost biodiversity.  

Understanding and adopting sustainable food choices is essential for both our health and the planet. Similarly, eco-friendly shopping, which goes beyond just purchasing green-label products, means considering the life-cycle of products and opting for those with minimal environmental impact. 

A special mention to our Green Champion, Mayruz from Comfort Inn London – Edgware Road, and our devoted head office team who joined us at LDN. Their dedication and hard work were instrumental in bringing the workshop to fruition. As part of our pathway to a more sustainable future, we are keen to run similar workshops for like-minded stakeholders. Our journey has only just begun, and we are committed to continuing our efforts to promote sustainability for a brighter and greener future.

About the London Disability Network (LDN) 

LDN is a celebrated charity, recognized for its remarkable services catering to individuals with diverse learning disabilities and their families across London. They provide a range of services including partnering with individuals and organisations to provide life skills coaching to support those with disabilities to live independently, Family support services, Accommodation support, Outreach services, short breaks, and respite care, you can find out more about LDN here. 

About 4C Group 

4C Group manages and develops properties and hotels in key business districts and leisure hot spots across the UK, Middle East, East Africa, and Canada. The company was formed in 2010, building on the foundations of a family property business that stretches back to the 1990s. The group’s mission is to operate sustainably and delight guests and investors, whilst striving to deliver a positive environmental and social impact within local communities.