The Westin London City wins the Property Revenue Management Team of the Year

13 May 2024

In the dynamic and challenging landscape of the hospitality industry, success is not merely a destination but a journey that demands a unique blend of skills, dedication, and vision. Recently, the revenue management team at The Westin London City was honoured with an award that symbolises the culmination of relentless dedication, and harmonious working.  

The “Property Revenue Management Team of the Year” award was presented at the Consumer Operations Conference Marriott EMEA 2024, held in February at the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai. Bringing together the top industry professionals this international conference is widely recognised as a key event within the industry. 

Achieving this award required a significant commitment to staying ahead of the global economic trends, and a collective effort with a team that drives through on strategy and guest experience, adapting to the changing needs of the market and industry. 

Speaking of the win, Lela Gogochuri, Director of Revenue Management at The Westin London City commented: ‘‘This accolade is a result of a combination of factors, requiring unwavering dedication to keeping abreast of global economic trends, meticulous attention to even the slightest shifts in the London market, and a deep understanding of the fluctuations in dynamics within the 5-star and luxury hotel sector each quarter. It encompasses effectively conveying insights and suggesting strategies to our General Manager and the broader sales strategy team to ensure alignment with expectations and plans. It also entails an open-minded approach, a drive to excel, maintaining positivity during challenging times or situations, envisioning the larger picture, and inspiring teams to believe in the proposed strategy. At times, revenue leaders may encounter obstacles, but with a belief that nothing is unattainable, making bold decisions, and persisting diligently, outstanding outcomes can be achieved alongside the teams. Their dedication and hard work extend beyond accommodation revenue to encompass F&B and Spa revenue, reflecting a holistic commitment to our guests’ experience. I am particularly proud of our Reservations Manager, Natalija, who has demonstrated exceptional leadership delivering on the strategy, coupled with her vast experience in Luxury and 5-star hotel reservations operations she is certainly an invaluable asset to our team.’’ 

The Westin London City stood as the sole London/UK property among the winners. Within the EMEA region, there are approximately 1,200 Marriott hotels. The Westin London City was the 1,000th EMEA hotel to open in 2021. Since then, Marriott has opened or acquired 200 additional hotels in the EMEA region. 

It is great to see our teams being recognised and appreciated for the incredible work and service our teams deliver.  As we continue to strive for excellence and growth within a changing industry, we look forward to embracing new challenges, driving innovation, and creating memorable experiences for our guests, guided by our shared values and vision for success. 

About 4C Group 

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